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Indoor Industrial Optical Fiber Cables

62.5 µm Riser Simplex Graded-Index HCS® Cable

Graded Index HCS® Cables (C19643, C17759, C19644, C17760)

62.5 µm Riser Zipcord Graded-Index HCS® Cable
Type N/A Multimode Graded-Index
Attenuation N/A @ 1300 nm, ≤ 2 dB/km@ 850 nm, ≤ 4 dB/km
Fiber Specifications N/A , 62.5 µm GiHCS® Optical Fibers
Construction N/A Riser Simplex N/A Riser Zipcord
Numerical Aperture N/A 0.275
Numerical Aperture Tolerance N/A ± 0.2
Fiber Core Diameter N/A 62.5 ± 3 µm
Sub-Unit Diameter N/A
Outer Cable Diameter N/A 2.5 mm N/A 2.5 x 5.2 mm
Cable Weight N/A 6.5 kg/km N/A 11 kg/km
Outer Jacket Material N/A PVC
Outer Jacket Color N/A Orange
Flammability Rating N/A UL-1666
Installation Load Maximum N/A 110 lb489 N N/A 165 lb734 N
Operating Load Maximum N/A 55 lb245 N N/A 85 lb378 N
Minimum Bend Installation N/A 38 mm
Minimum Bend Operating N/A 25 mm
Operating Temperature N/A -20 to +80 ºC
Storage Temperature N/A -40 to 80 ºC
Product Description Code N/A HCU-MF062T-A01RS N/A HCU-MF062T-A02RZ
Order From Location N/A AVON LOCATION
1.888.438.9936 toll-free in the United States and Canada
1.860.678.0371 from outside the U.S.A.
55 Darling Drive
Avon, CT 06001, USA
Order By Item # N/A C17757 N/A C17759
Typical Applications N/A Factory Automation
Short- to Medium-Distance Communications
Crimp & Cleave Compatibility N/A SMA Connectors
ST Connectors
Options N/A Jacket Color
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