Fiber optic tethers can be used to remotely control different types of vehicles, bringing back video signal or other sensor information as well as transmitting commands.

This disposable spool offers in a very compact and lightweight package a precision wound, untwisted optical fiber for long distance pay out avoiding heavy, bulky and expensive cable tethers.

The deployable side of the spool which is connected to the control equipment is equipped with a connector directly mounted onto the extruded overcoated fiber. The distal fiber end which is connected to the vehicle with a hermetic feed-through is pigtailed with a 1.8mm standard jacket.

The fiber spool is disposable. It is not possible to reuse the fiber after deployment.
Unit of Measure


Box Diameter

N/A 140 mm

Box Height

N/A 125 mm

Maximum Length

N/A 3000 m

Minimum Length

N/A 1000 m

Output 1

N/A Connector on extruded overcoating fiber

Output 2

N/A Pigtailed with jacket 1.8 mm (0.3 to 1 m) and connectorized

Outside Diameter of Tthe Enforced Fiber

N/A 350 µm

Fiber Color

N/A Grey

Tensile Strength

N/A >34 N

Breaking Strength

N/A 60 N

Deployment Force

N/A 0.05 to 0.1 N

Weight In Seawater

N/A <200 g

Bend Radius

N/A <10 mm

Insertion Loss (Without Connector)

N/A 1.5 dB/km at 1300 nm 3 dB/km at 850 nm


N/A Defense / Security Fibro Guiding ROV / AUV


N/A Multimode

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