Build Your kW System

The TrueMode-kW is designed for kW and, when used with our TrueM2 beam combiners, multi-kW applications. The TrueMode-kW cavity is designed to reduce SRS and other nonlinear effects that can limit the amount of output power available in the kW regime. This platform is also optimized to maximize thermal dissipation.

The breakthrough design of the TrueMode-kW cavity uses large numerical aperture pump diodes and incorporates a large pump diode count, suitable for use with diodes deliveringgreater than 50W of pump power.

TrueMode-kW cavities are designed for use with a TrueM2 Beam Combiner, a compatible output fiber is provided.
Unit of Measure



N/A Fwd. Pumped

Output Power

N/A 1 kW

Maximum Output Power

N/A 1kW

Center Wavelength

N/A 1070 ± 5 nm

Optical Efficiency (With 915 nm Pump)

N/A > 68 %

Pigtail for Combining


N/A TrueM2-14

Pump Diode Requirements

Maximum Number of Input Ports

N/A 18

Diode Fiber Pigtail

N/A 105-111/125, 135/155

Numerical Aperture

N/A 0.22

Stand-Alone Delivery

Output Fiber

N/A 14/200

Beam Quality (M2)

N/A < 1.1, Single-Mode Output


Visible Pilot

N/A Yes

Transport and Storage (Temp/RH)

N/A -20 to 60 °C (Non-condensing under operation and storage)

Approximate Dimensions

N/A 300 x 300 x 17 mm