The OFS LGX® Combination Shelves are the original fiber ® frame  solution.  Customize  your  installation  with  this  fast  installation  design.  These  units  are  a  combination  of  7”  or  9”  Termination  Shelves  with  splice  units  and  fanouts  installed. Ask OFS to create your custom confi guration from as small as 12 fi bers up to our grand 864 fi ber solution. All combination units are factory assembled allowing a rapid installation. Direct splicing in single or mass fusion configurations are available. Select from existing designs or  work  with  your  local  representative  for  a  customized  solution.


  • 5" up to 74" H
  • 17" W x 11.5" D
  • 19" or 23" Frame Mount
  • Weight Dependant on Configuration
  • Aluminum alloy sheet 0.09" [2.28 mm] thick
  • Powder Coated Paint


N/A Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Management

Features and Benefits

  • Rapid Field Installation
  • Allows for Direct Cable Feed When Applicable
  • On Frame Splicing
  • Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Management
  • Use in controlled environments or OSP cabinets
  • Frame Mount in 23" or 19"
  • Universal frame/wall mount brackets included
  • Fiber Management Rings included
  • Front and rear door access
  • Key Lock Door Available
  • Combine 7, and 9 inch shelves
  • 17" W x 11.5" D
  • Fiber Jumper Management


N/A Available as a combination of 7" or 9" Termination Shelves with splice units and fanouts installed From 12 up to 864 fibers