The FOX Solution™ for Cell Sites (CS) pluggable  for Cell Sites (CS) pluggable drop cable is a factory connectorized assembly drop cable is a factory connectorized assembly featuring  AccuDRY® Indoor/Outdoor Cables with SC or LC connectors mounted on one with SC or LC connectors mounted on one or both ends. Available with 4, 6, 8 and 12 fibers,  these  assemblies  are  factory  terminated  to  help  ensure  high  quality  and  reliability  with  low  insertion  loss,  while easy field termination that can speed up deployment and lower installation costs.


N/A Indoor/Outdoor

Features and Benefits

  • AccuDry Indoor/Outdoor Riser Rated Cable provides dependable, fast installation
  • The assembly can eliminate or reduce field splicing using factory-mounted high-performance connectors
  • Standard single fiber connectors plug in to standard SC or LC ports
  • Faster, easier, reliable cable pull
  • Flexible lightweight cable
  • Pulling sock removable in less than 1 minute
  • No fusion equipment or power needed
  • Protective pulling sock rated at 100 lbs max tension
  • Bulk cable tension max 300 lbs
  • Compliant with relevant Telcordia, ICEA, IEEE 802(s), TIA, and IEC standards

Fiber Count

N/A 4 to 12

Connector Ends


Cable Characteristics

N/A EZ-Bend® 4.8 Indoor/Outdoor Cable