PowerGuide  ShortSpan  DT  Cable  helps  enable  faster  deployment  and  reduced  installation  costs  to  offer  an  ideal, cost-effective solution for short cable spans ranging up  to  1,150  feet  (350  meters)  1,  including  FTTH  deployments, distribution networks and duct installations.

OFS’ field-proven, gel-free loose tube design lies at the heart  of  each  PowerGuide  ShortSpan  DT  Cable.  To construct this cable, optical fi bers are placed in flexible buffer tubes that contain a specially-engineered, super-absorbent yarn that delivers water blocking “on demand” without the use of messy gels and filling compounds. This patented  water-blocking  system  has  been  successfully  deployed for eight years in our Fortex™ DT Cable product families. Next, the color-coded buffer tubes are stranded around  a  dielectric  central  member  using  the  reverse  oscillating  lay  (ROL)  stranding  technique  for  easy,  mid-span fiber access. Additional dry, super-absorbent material is then applied to the cable core to offer exceptional water-blocking performance and faster cable preparation. Finally,  aramid  yarn  strength  elements  are  added  and  a  robust  polyethylene  outer  jacket  is  applied  to  complete  the  construction  of  a  totally  dry,  lightweight  cable  that  is 
durable, reliable and easy to handle and install.


N/A ADSS Aerial FTTx

Features and Benefits

  • Industry-first, gel-free ADSS cable for cleaner, faster and less costly deployments
  • Efficient, cost-effective solution for short cable spans ranging up to 1.150 feet (350 meters)
  • Lighter weight, dry cable helps cut cable end preparation time
  • Enables significant cost savings from the use of less costly attachment hardware
  • Allows up to a 10% greater span length capability
  • Fiber counts up to 144
  • Single polyethylene outer jacket for fast, convenient cable preparation (suitable for distribution and low-voltage applications)
  • Cleaner work environment helps support faster splicing with higher yields
  • Small round profile minimizes wind and ice loading
  • Environmentally-friendly cable helps reduce waste and the need for special cleaning solvents
  • Single cable outer diameter for fiber counts of 2 to 60 for simplified hardware selection and splicing
  • Available with OFS AllWave® Zero Water Peak (ZWP) Single-Mode, TrueWave® RS Low Water Peak (LWP) and multimode fibers
  • Highly durable and reliable for short spans including FTTH deployments, distribution networks, direct use in ducts, aerial-to-duct transitions and aerial-to-underground installations

Fiber Count

N/A 2-144


N/A Loose Tube

Aerial or Underground

N/A Aerial

Dielectric or Metallic

N/A Dielectric

Waterblocking Component

N/A Gel Free