When compared to conventional single-mode fiber, AllWave+ Zero Water Peak (ZWP) Single-Mode  Fiber  dramatically  improves  performance  across  the  1260  nm  –  1625  nm  spectrum. This fiber offers all the benefits of AllWave Fiber plus a 40% smaller minimum bend radius, a 50% lower bend loss and a 33% improved polarization mode dispersion (PMD) link design value.

Product Description
A combination ITU-T G.652.D and G.657.A1 compliant fiber, AllWave+ Fiber delivers low and stable loss in the 1360 nm -1460 nm E-band, enabling 16-channel CWDM, DWDM and FTTX support on a single fiber. In addition, this fiber’s bend performance far exceeds G.652.D and complies with G.657.A1, supporting a minimum bend radius of 10 mm and lower bend loss than conventional single-mode fibers.

While this low bend loss improves performance and reliability, it also helps to lower installation costs by allowing the use of smaller cables and terminals. AllWave+ Fiber has the same 9.2 micron mode field diameter as and is fully backward compatible with the installed base of G.652 single-mode fiber for seamless splicing, testing and faster network turn-up.


N/A Campus Backbones FTTx Local Access Long Haul Metro Access Metro Edge Mobile backhaul

Features and Benefits

  • Low optical loss across the entire 1260-1625 nm spectrum
  • 50% greater usable spectrum than conventional single-mode fiber
  • Reduced bend loss across the bend-sensitive 1460-1625 nm S, C and L Bands
  • Industry's tightest geometric control for ultra-low splice loss and improved connector performance
  • High purity synthetic silica for long-term attenuation stability and mechanical reliability
  • Ultra-low fiber PMD for speed and distance upgrades