The  OFS  PowerGuide® TTH  All-Dielectric  Self-Supporting (ADSS) Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable offers an excellent choice for short aerial cable spans ranging up to 346 feet (105 meters)*. This cable’s compact size, low-cost  installation  and  specialized  design  make  it  an ideal, cost-effective cabling solution for duct, Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) and short-span, self-supporting aerial drop applications.

To construct this cable, one to six optical fibers are placed within color-coded, gel-fi lled buffer tubes to protect the fibers from mechanical and environmental forces.
The buffer tubes are then stranded around a dielectric central member using the reverse oscillating lay (ROL) stranding  method  to  enable  fast,  mid-span  cable  entry.  Next, DryBlock® water-blocking  material  and  dielectric strength elements are applied to the cable core. Finally, a durable polyethylene (PE) outer jacket completes the cable  construction.

Why the PowerGuide TTH Cable?



Features and Benefits

  • Excellent, cost-effective alternative for short aerial cable spans and FTTH applications
  • Lightweight and easy to handle and install for duct and aerial use
  • Single, durable PE jacket for fast and convenient cable preparation
  • Fiber counts up to 30
  • Small nominal cable diameter and bend radius for easy deployment in aerial-to-underground installations
  • All-dielectric construction with a maximum of six fibers per buffer tube
  • RDUP (formerly RUS) listed
  • Available with AllWave® ZWP and AllWave® FLEX ZWP Single-Mode Fiber, TrueWave® RS LWP Single-Mode Fiber and Multimode Fibers