Now available in riser, plenum and low smoke, zero halogen (LSZH) designs, the AccuDRY Indoor/Outdoor Cable is an ideal choice for cell tower, wind farm and other industrial applications, as well as a broad range of premises and indoor/outdoor applications.

The Dual Rated LSZH product is highly recommended for multiregional applications  needing  both  Riser  and  IEC  fire  ratings.    LSZH  is available with 2-12 fibers. The Riser rated products are available in  18  and  24  fiber  counts  using  a  single  jacket  construction  (no subunits). The latest addition to the product family are the Plenum rated products classified as Plenum Standard or Harsh Environment (HE). Standard designs comply with GR409 backbone ratings versus HE designs go beyond the standard with higher tensile ratings for those extremely demanding applications.  Standard Plenum ranges from 2-24 fibers while the HE design ranges from 2-144 fibers.


N/A Indoor/Outdoor

Features and Benefits

  • Appropriate for virtually any indoor/outdoor application
  • Indoor ready with compliant flame ratings
  • Broad cable operating temperature range -40 °C to +70 °C
  • Totally gel-free, waterproof cable helps save on deployment time and expense
  • UV protective outer jackets ideal for outdoor use
  • Compact design facilitates easy installation in tight spaces
  • Superior tight buffering over a proprietary coating for a "connector-ready" cable (no entrance splicing needed)
  • Excellent choice for cell site towers, wind farm and other industrial applications
  • Dual Rated (LSZH + UL 1666) 2 to 12 fibers; Riser cables available with 18 and 24 fibers and Plenum 2 to 144 fibers

Cable Type

N/A BackBone

Indoor or I/O


Mechanical Rating

N/A GR409

Flame Spread Rating

N/A Dual Rated OFNR & Non-Halogen -3C Rated

Fiber Coating

N/A Tight Buffer UV

Fiber Count

N/A 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12

Cable Brand

N/A AccuDry® Indoor/Outdoor