Highly Flexible Fiber Distribution Pedestal Specifically Designed for FTTX Splitter Applications

Product Description

Designed to serve up to 144 homes in existing neighborhoods or "overbuild" situations, this flexible FTTX network Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) combines simplified direct connect splitter fiber routing management with OFS' DirectConnect splitter's excellent optical performance and reliability.


N/A 144 homes neighborhoods or "overbuild" situations

Features and Benefits



  • Fiber Distribution:
    • Serves up to 144 homes
    • Pre-connectorized cable installed for rapid deployment
    • Unique design minimizes fiber routing congestion
  • Integrated Cross-Connect System:
    • Optional patch panels enable easy provisioning to up to 4 businesses requiring dedicated connections
  • DirectConnect 1 x 32 Splitters:
    • Small size and flexible design enables high-density, low-loss solution
    • Scalable usage with Splitter to SC fanouts


  • Intuitive design provides for easier and faster splitter deployment:
    • DirectConnect splitter design allows incremental usage of splitters to reduce congestion inside the pedestal
  • Environmentally friendly pedestal size:
    • Small footprint and size minimizes visual impact relative to competing solutions
  • Excellent optical performance:
    • Best-in class LCA / SCA connectors with low loss

Fiber/Cable Capacity

N/A 144 fibers


N/A 144 Fiber Distribution Hub