The 64 FDH utilizes OFS’ popular 400A enclosure which is ideal for tight spaces in MDU applications. It can house up to 4 Direct Connect splitters, available in either 1X8, 1X16, or 1X32 split ratios. The cabinet is optioned with either SC APC or LC APC connectors.

Input and output fibers are connectorized and stored on the left hand side of the enclosure. The enclosure can be mounted directly to the wall or on a plywood board. Splice trays are available for pigtail splicing or connectorized cables can be used for distribution routing.


N/A 64 homes neighborhoods or "overbuild" situations MDU

Features and Benefits

  • Utilizes popular 400A enclosure, which is especially useful in tight spaces in MDU applications
  • Can house up to 4 Direct Connect Splitters

Fiber/Cable Capacity

N/A 64 Fibers


N/A 64 Fiber Distribution Hub