Designed for demanding FTTX installations, Furukawa Electric’s PLC Splitters provide low loss, wideband performance. Splitter modules are packaged in robust cassettes that plug into a standard LGX® Fiber Management panel opening.

The  LC  or  SC  interface  on  the  input  takes  advantage  of  the  outstanding  low  loss performance of the OFS connectors, while the MPO Connector provides high-density connectivity on the output side.

The  combination  of  low  loss  splitters  and  connector interfaces  maximizes  link  lengths.  When  used  with interfaces  maximizes  link  lengths.  When  used  with AllWave®  ZWP  Single-Mode  Fiber  in  OFS’  comprehensive FTTx (Fiber Optics to the X) Solution Offering, network operators can offer triple play functionality at extended distances in a cost-effective package.

MPO Splitter Module

The OFS MPO Splitter Module is available in multiple configurations to meet customer requirements.  The OFS splitters also utilize Flame Hydrolysis Deposition (FHD) technology, ensuring better thermal stability. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of both inside and outside plant applications, the splitter module meets Telcordia GR-1221-CORE and GR-1209- CORE Requirements.

The 8 fiber MPO interface on the module output allows customers to minimize the number of cable sheaths exiting the module, simplifying cable management. Fanout lengths can be ordered based on individual engineering requirements, limiting the amount of slack that needs to be accommodated in a restricted amount of space.


N/A Fiber Point Distribution FTTx

Features and Benefits

  • Modular approach provides cost effective incremental growth
  • The PLC splitters are Telcordia GR-1221-CORE and GR-1209-CORE Tested
  • Low insertion loss and reflectance
  • Solution-based engineering support to meet all FTTx networking requirements
  • Universal solution

Split by

N/A 1 x 16 (1 x 32)

Max Insertion Loss with Connectors

N/A 14.2 (17.2) dB

Average Insertion Loss

N/A 16.3 dB

PDL (max.)

N/A 0.3 dB
Return Loss (min.)1 N/A 50 dB
Directivity (min.)2 N/A 50 dBA

Operating Temperature Range

N/A Min. -40 ºC Max. 75 ºC ºC

Storage Temperature Range

N/A Min. -40 ºC Max. 85 ºC ºC
  • 1 Without Connectors
  • 2 Without Connectors