The V-Linx™ Combiner aggregates the optical paths from up to six V-Linx™ Terminals (up to 72 individual units). Using the same compact chassis as the V-Linx™ Terminal, the V-Linx™ Combiner is configured with preterminated AccuFlex™ PLUS Optical Ribbon Interconnect Cable assemblies in the factory for quick set up and installation in the field (supporting 300 lbf (1335 N) of axial load). The cable provides excellent transmission performance, flexibility, and connectivity in a very small package (0.33 in. (8.4 mm) diameter).


N/A FTTx Indoor wall mount environment MDU

Features and Benefits

  • Compact size
  • Supports aggregation of up to 72 units (60 units most common)
  • Uses multi-fiber connector interface
  • Integrated with V-Linx Cables at the factory
  • Field integration of V-Linx Cables optional

Fiber/Cable Capacity

N/A Aggregates the optical paths from up to six V-Linx Terminals (up to 72 individual units)