A New Standard in the Field for High-End Fusion Splicing Applications

The S183PMII V2 Advanced Fusion Splicer was designed specifically for the demanding production and research applications of the optical components industry, being capable of:

  • Splicing specialty and exotic fiber combinations
  • Very large diameter fiber splicing (up to 500 µm)(With optional LDF holder and LDF electrode)
  • Polarization maintaining fiber splicing
  • High-strength splicing application
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Single or Mass Fusion

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Fiber Types


Fiber Alignment

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Key Features


  • Specialty Splicing Made Easy - The advanced features of the S183PMII Fusion Splicer allow you to splice today's and tomorrow's most exotic fiber types. Whether performing high-strength splices, splicing small cladding fibers (80 µm), large cladding fibers (500 µm), high splicing combinations, PM fibers, or erbium doped fiber, the S183PMII is the splicer for your high-end application.
  • Fast Splice Time - The splice time is lightning fast at 35 seconds for PANDA and 15 seconds for SM. The S183PMII Fusion Splicer is the fastest in the industry for most fiber applications, allowing you to increase effciency on your production line. Safe PM Fiber Rotation - The new rotation mechanism on the S183PMII Fusion Splicer allows PM fiber to rotate while keeping it straight and stable. This minimizes fiber twist, which can be detrimental to sensitive splicing applications.
  • Quick Loading & Automatic Machine Adjustment - The S183PMII Fusion Splicer automatically adjusts for different fiber coating and cladding sizes. There is no need to exchange v-grooves, or fiber clamps. In addition, the S183PMII Fusion Splicer has been designed so that the user simply loads the fiber and closes the lid to begin the fusion process. There is no need to lower or set fiber clamps before beginning your splice.
  • Automatic Fiber Holder Release - The S183PMII Fusion Splicer automatically performs a tensile proof test on the fiber and releases the holder lid to avoid twisting the fiber after the splice. This automation eliminates the need for the user to manually open and reset the splicer after each fusion splice.

Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories

  • S710S-080 160 µm Coating Fiber Holders
  • S968 Electrodes for Large diameter fiber
  • S710S-LDF Fiber holders for Large diameter fiber
  • S183-X2-A-0002 Fiber Transporter

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