Advanced Solution for Next Generation Splicing Technology

The FITEL S184 Fusion Splicer features 3SAE Technologies' "Ring of Fire®". This three-phase wide area plasma technology enables splicing of large cladding fibers, as well as flame polishing and core diffusion capability. It is the perfect solution for advanced OEM, R&D, and other specialized applications. It delivers:

  • Extremely stable, controllable, and repeatable heating over a large range of intensity
  • Wide area heat zone to enable advanced splicing techniques
  • Uniformly wide arc coverage to allow for splicing of larger diameter fibers
  • Extremely high thermal power with negligible tungsten deposits compared to competing processes
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Single or Mass Fusion

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Fiber Types


Fiber Alignment

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N/A including PM fibers Up to 1200 μm fiber,


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Key Features


  • Three electrodes – Three electrodes have been used in the S184PM, instead of two
  • Applicable fiber – Silica optical fibers with clad diameter 80 µm to 1200 µm
  • Smooth rotation mechanism – The new rotation mechanism on the S184PM allows PM fiber to rotate while keeping it straight and stable
  • Flat fiber holder platform – The S184 uses a flat fiber holder platform, so that the larger size fibers do not have to be forced to bend, which can cause fiber breaks and poor angular alignment
  • Automatic adjustment for fiber size/length – The S184PM automatically adjusts for fiber coating diameter, cladding diameter, and cleave length
  • Simple operation – The S184PM has been designed so that the user simply loads the fiber and closes the lid to begin the fusion process
  • Intuitive interface – As with all FITEL fusion splicers, the S184PM features a new GUI (graphical user interface) and transreflective LCD screen technology that makes all operations straightforward and intuitive
  • Large monitor – The high resolution large color 6.5" (165mm) monitor is clearly visible in all conditions
  • Advanced "SmartFuse" functionality – The S184 includes an optional PC based software platform

Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories

  • S710S-080 160 µm Coating fiber holders
  • S183-X2-A-0002 Fiber transporter
  • S968 Electrode (2.2 mm)
  • S184-X-A-0005 Electrode (3.0 mm)
  • S184-X-A-0003 Vertical electrode (2.2 mm)
  • S184-X-A-0006 Vertical electrode (3.0 mm)
  • SF-01 SmartFuse software

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