FITEL's new Splice On Connector termination system allows for easy termination and flexibility in the field.This new “splice-on” connector (SOC) eliminates the need for field polishing and significantly improves the quality of the termination and installation time required. The connector is easily assembled by using a process that requires minimal skill or training. These connectors are optimal for use in FTTx application. Both UPC and APC polishing are available for single-mode fiber.

EZ!Fuse Splice On Connector is compatible with the Fitel Fusion Splicers models Ninja, S179 and S178.
Unit of Measure

Features and Benefits

  • Simple, Fast, & Consistent Field Termination:
    Allows for easy field installation of EZBendcables, pre-terminated splitters,fan outs, and drop terminals
  • No Polishing or Epoxy:
    OFS’s connector termination processrequires no polishing or epoxyincreasing the quality and consistencyof field connector termination. Totalinstallation time is greatly reducedcompared to traditional methods
  • Fiber Management:
    The most difficult task for spliceroperators has always been managingthe fiber upon completion of splicing.The connector termination featureeliminates the need for splice traysresulting in easier fiber management,reduced storage requirements, and faster installation times

Applicable Fiber

N/A 250 µm, 900 µm, 2 mm, 3 mm

Connector Type


Polishing Type

N/A UPC or APC (SM), PC (MM)

Insertion Loss

N/A 0.3 (SM), 0.1 (MM) dB

Return Loss

N/A > 60 (SM/APC), > 50 (SM/UPC), > 30 (MM/PC) dB

Operating Temperature

N/A -40 to +75 ºC