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One Exceptional Connector for Many Applications

Product Description

The LC Connector from OFS is available in several configurations to fit many applications. The LC is available for single-mode, multimode, and APC applications. The APC connector is designed to provide superior return loss without sacrificing insertion loss performance. The Unibody® jumper connector is available for both 1.6/2.0 mm cordages as well as 3 mm cordages. There are several cable support options for the Unibody® connector for 1.6/2.0 mm cordages. Connectors can be ordered with a fully rotatable 42 degree angled boot for easier fiber management. For applications with space constraints, the LC Unibody® can also be ordered with a short boot option. This short boot measures approximately 21 mm as compared to the standard cable support which is approximately 29 mm. The behind-the-wall (BTW) version is designed to mount on 0.9 mm buffered fiber. LC connectors are also available with pre-radiused ferrules. Using pre-radiused ferrules reduces polishing time and cuts the costs of consumables required. Pre-radiused connectors have more consistent end-face geometries, which result in more consistent optical performance.
Unit of Measure

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



  • RoHS compliant
  • Half the size of standard connectors
  • RJ-style push-pull housing
  • One-piece design •Polarized
  • Pull-proof for jumper
  • PC finish
  • Anti-snag latch for jumper and BTW
  • Standards compliant
  • Removable clips for both simplex and duplex connectors
  • Pre-radiused connectors available for minimal polish
  • Angled and short boots available for 1.6/2.0 mm cordage applications


  • Doubles density
  • Disengages easily in dense spaces
  • Helps assure high repeatability
  • Maintains transmit/receive direction
  • Maintains optical contact
  • Helps minimize transmission problems
  • Improves durability and reduces crossconnect rearrangement effort
  • Pre-radiused LCs reduce installation time and costs of consumables


Typical Applications

  • Telecommunications networks
  • Local area networks
  • Data processing networks
  • Cable television
  • Fiber-to-the-home (FTTX)
  • Premises distribution

Ordering Information

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1-770-798-5555 from outside the USA
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