OM5 multimode fiber optimized for short wavelength division multiplexing (SWDM) applications


LaserWave WideBand (OM5) Multimode Fiber is a 50 micron (µm) laser-optimized multimode fiber designed to help meet the demanding requirements of today’s OM4 networks, as well as next-generation, short wavelength division multiplexing (SWDM) OM5 applications.

OM5 WideBand fiber extends the ability of conventional OM3/4 multimode fiber to support multiple wavelengths using SWDM over longer link distances. Unlike traditional multimode fiber, OFS LaserWave WideBand Fiber is designed to support traffic over a range of wavelengths from 846 nm to 953 nm. This capability allows multiple lanes of traffic over the same strand of fiber, helping to significantly improve the bandwidth capacity of multimode fiber while also maintaining its cost advantages for short-reach applications up to 300 meters or more.

Product Description

Building on the history of LaserWave FLEX 550 (OM4) Fiber, LaserWave WideBand (OM5) Fiber meets all OM5 requirements, supporting CWDM applications from 850 to 950 nm this fiber supports two and four wavelength 100 Gb/s applications, and provides future proofing for tomorrow’s 400 Gb/s and higher speeds, while being fully backward compatible with OM4 applications.

LaserWave WideBand Fiber offers low bending loss throughout the entire operating window, while maintaining excellent long-term fiber strength and reliability.

  • Designed for SWDM applications (850 nm to 950 nm)
  • Uses SWDM to increase transmission capacity by up to 400%
  • Meets and exceeds all OM5 multimode fiber requirements
  • Complies with OM4 fiber requirements and is backward compatible with existing OM4 networks and applications
  • Manufactured using the industry’s tightest geometric control
  • Supports today’s applications including 100 Gb/s Ethernet and 32 GFC
  • Ready for next-generation wideband networks
  • Duplex transmission of 100 Gb/s using SWDM technology
  • Supports 400 Gb/s transmission over 8-fiber links

LaserWave WideBand Multimode Fiber provides outstanding performance for fiber management systems in:
  • Data Centers
  • High Performance Computing Centers
  • Local Area Networks
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Central Offices
Unit of Measure


Single-Mode or Multimode

N/A Multimode

Performance Characteristic



N/A Central offices Data Centers High Performance Computing Centers Local Area Networks Storage Area Networks

Bend Performance

N/A Bend-Optimized

Physical Characteristics

Core Diameter

N/A 50 ± 2.5 µm

Core Non-Circularity

N/A ≤ 5 %

Clad Diameter

N/A 125 ± 0.8 µm

Clad Non-Circularity

N/A ≤ 0.7 %

Core/Clad Concentricity Error (Offset)

N/A ≤ 1.0 µm

Coating Diameter

N/A 242 ± 5 µm

Coating Non-Circularity

N/A ≤ 5 %

Coating-Clad Concentricity Error (Offset)

N/A ≤ 12 µm

Tensile Proof Test

N/A 100 kpsi0.69 GPa

Coating Strip Force Range

N/A 0.22 - 2.0 lbf 1.0 - 8.9 N

Typical Coating Strip Force

N/A 0.6 lbf2.7 N

Standard Reel Lengths

N/A 2.2 to 8.8 km

Optical Characteristics

Attenuation at 850 nm

N/A ≤ 2.2 dB/km

Attenuation at 1300 nm

N/A ≤ 0.6 dB/km

Minimum Bandwidth Specification

EMB @ 850 nm4700
EMB @ 1310 nm500
EMB 850 950 nmSupports 100 m reach in 843-953 nm window using 100GBASE-SR4 and 32 GFC models
Overfilled @ 850 nm 3500
Overfilled @ 1300 nm 500

Attenuation at 1380 nm minus attenuation at 1300 nm

N/A ≤ 1.0 dB/km

Attenuation Uniformity/Point Discontinuities at 850 and 1300 nm

N/A ≤ 0.08 dB

Numerical Aperture

N/A 0.200 ± 0.010

Zero Chromatic Dispersion Wavelength (λ0)

N/A 1297 = λ0 = 1328 nm

Zero Chromatic Dispersion Slope (S0)

N/A S0 = 4(-103)/(840(1-(λ0/840)4)) ps/(nm²·km)

Group Refractive Index at 850 nm

N/A 1.483

Group Refractive Index at 1300 nm

N/A 1.479

Backscatter Coefficient at 850 nm

N/A -68.4 dB

Backscatter Coefficient at 1300 nm

N/A -75.8 dB

Environmental Characteristics

Operating Temperature Range

N/A -60 to +85 ºC

Temperature Induced Attenuation at 850 and 1300 nm from -60 to +85 ºC (5 24-Hour Cycles)

N/A ≤ 0.1 dB/km

Temperature and Humidity Induced Attenuation at 850 and 1300 nm from -10 to +85 ºC, 94% RH (30 24-Hour Cycles)

N/A ≤ 0.1 dB/km

Accelerated Aging (Temperature) Induced Attenuation at 85 ºC for 30 days

N/A ≤ 0.1 dB/km

Water Immersion Induced Attenuation, 23 ºC for 30 Days

N/A ≤ 0.1 dB/km

Dynamic Fatigue Stress Corrosion Parameter (nd)

N/A ≥ 18

How To Order:

Order From Location

N/A 1 Brightwave Blvd.Carrollton, GA 30117, USA 1-770-798-5555 from outside the USA 1-888-fiberhelp (1-888-342-3743) from inside the USA CARROLLTON LOCATION