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OFS Highly Non-Linear Fiber with Stable Phase-matching for Improved Nonlinear Efficiency (HNLF-SPINE) combines a high non-linear coefficient with a zero dispersion wavelength that is very stable along the fiber length. The fiber design includes a high delta core, doped with GeO2, surrounded by a deeply depressed ring doped with fluorine. The HNLF is available with zero dispersion wave from 1526 to 1543 and at 1566 nm.
Unit of Measure


Item Description

N/A HNLF Non-Linear Fiber Modules

Optical Properties


N/A Non-Standard

Fiber Length

N/A 50 to 2000 m

Fiber Length Tolerance

N/A ± 3

Cutoff Wavelength

N/A < 1500 nm

Effective Area

N/A 15.8 µm2

Zero Dispersion Wavelength

N/A 1566 nm


N/A -2.15 ps/(nm·km)

Dispersion Slope

N/A 0.083 ps/(nm²·km)


N/A ≤ 0.20 ps/√km


N/A ≤ 0.90 dB/km

Typical Attenuation

N/A 0.75

Splice Loss to SSMF Pigtail

N/A ≤ 0.20 dB

Splice Loss to SSMF Pigtail (Typical)

N/A 0.10 dB

SBS threshold x effective length

N/A 35 W·m

Non-Linear Coefficient (Typical)

N/A 8.8 W-1•km-1

Ordering Information

Order From Location

+45 43 45 8888
Priorparken 680, DK-2605
Broendby, Denmark

To Order, Please Specify

N/A Minimum order quantity is 50 m Please discuss your requirements with us prior to placing the order Please specify: length, zero dispersion wavelength, and connector type

Order by Item Name


Typical Applications

N/A Parametric Process


N/A Pigtailed fiber can be delivered without silicone glue. The fiber can be delivered in length from 100 – 250 m spooled with a linear strain gradient from 1000 to 100 g on a 140 x 320 mm spool for increased SBS-threshold. The straining has very little effect on the dispersion. The fiber can be delivered without pigtails on a 105 x 265 mm spool without any silicone glue. However, please note that splice loss of about 1 dB from HNLF to SSMF must be expected when splicing on standard fusion splicers.


N/A The HNLF is delivered spliced to a short (1-2 meter) Standard Single-mode Fiber (SSMF) pigtail with connectors as per request. It is delivered on a 29 x 175 mm spool covered with a protective layer of silicone glue.