A 50 micron multimode fiber optimized for low bend loss in 1 Gigabit Ethernet applications


LaserWave FLEX G+ (OM2+) Multimode Optical Fiber provides high bandwidth and reduced bending loss for extended reach 1 Gigabit Ethernet transmission in local area networks at distances up to 750 meters. The fiber offers outstanding bend performance at a radius as low as 7.5 mm, enabling smaller, higher density fiber management systems in space-constrained environments and routing.

LaserWave FLEX G+ (OM2+) Multimode Optical Fiber maximizes the potential of the Gigabit Ethernet standard while also delivering 10 Gb/s application support up to 150 meters at  850 nm. This capability allows it to be used for longer distance 1 Gb/s applications and  shorter reach 10 Gb/s 850 nm applications.

A cost-effective solution for 1 Gb/s transmission, LaserWave FLEX G+ (OM2+) Multimode Optical Fiber offers low bending loss at both the 850 and 1300 nm operating windows, with excellent long term fiber strength and reliability. The fiber can be installed in loops as small as 7.5 mm radius with less than 0.2 dB bending loss at 850 nm and 0.5 dB at 1300 nm.

  • Extended reach for 1 Gb/s enterprise applications
  • Superior geometric tolerances and very low attenuation
  • DMD-tested for higher reliability at longer link lengths
  • Backward compatible with all standard 50 µm multimode fibers
  • Allows Gigabit Ethernet operation up to 750 meters at 850 nm and 10 Gb/s operation up to 150 meters at 850 nm
  • Enables minimal connection loss and low cabled attenuation
  • Outstanding bend performance


  • 1 Gb/s transmission in campus backbone, riser and horizontal applications
  • Internet data centers
  • Equipment rooms and short building backbone
  • Low-loss cabling systems
Unit of Measure


Performance Characteristic

N/A OM2+

Single-Mode or Multimode

N/A Multimode


N/A Central offices Data Centers High Performance Computing Centers Local Area Networks Storage Area Networks

Bend Performance

N/A Bend-Optimized

Physical Characteristics

Clad Diameter

N/A 125 ± 0.8 µm

Clad Non-Circularity

N/A ≤ 0.7 %

Core/Clad Concentricity Error (Offset)

N/A ≤ 1.0 µm

Coating-Clad Concentricity Error (Offset)

N/A ≤ 12 µm

Tensile Proof Test

N/A 100 kpsi0.69 GPa

Standard Reel Lengths

N/A 2.2 to 8.8 km

Optical Characteristics

Zero Chromatic Dispersion Wavelength (λ0)

N/A 1297 ≤ λ0 ≤ 1328 nm

Zero Chromatic Dispersion Slope (S0)

N/A S0 ≤ 4(-103) /(840(1-( λ0 /840)4)) ps/(nm²·km)

Environmental Characteristics (At 1310, 1550 & 1625 nm)

Dynamic Fatigue Stress Corrosion Parameter (nd)

N/A ≥ 18

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Order From Location

N/A 1 Brightwave Blvd.Carrollton, GA 30117, USA 1-770-798-5555 from outside the USA 1-888-fiberhelp (1-888-342-3743) from inside the USA CARROLLTON LOCATION