The FTTx Solution® SlimBox™ Drop System – Where Simplicity and Versatility Meet to Provide a Smarter FTTH Connection

The SlimBox Underground Terminal is used to connect distribution cables in the outside plant network to drop cables in FTTx networks, including Fiber to the Home, Building, or Cell Site. It enables quick and easy connections through plug and play connectorized drop cables, fusion splicing, splice on connectors, or mechanical connectors.

It has one area for storage and splicing, and a separate area for management and activation of subscribers. The mechanical sealing system supports round drop cables, making the terminal ideal for both underground and aerial applications.

The SlimBox Underground Terminal can be configured to support a variety of needs: fusion splices (up to 4 splice trays, with 16 splice protectors holder each), spliced and connectorized drops (up to 2 splice trays and 1 adapter tray with up to 16 SC adapters). In addition it can house up to 2 factory connectorized 1x8 splitters, or 1 factory connectorized 1x16 splitter. It can also house unconnectorized splitters.

The terminal accepts entry cables with a maximum diameter of 17.5 mm. It is possible to implement mid-span branching of the main cable using the oval ports, whereas the network branching can be implemented using the round ports. It is compatible with round (2 to 4 mm) drop cables.

The terminal also has wall, pole and steel wire mounting supports, besides being suitable for underground installation.
Unit of Measure


Cable Capacity

N/A Up to 16 drop cables Up to 48 splices with adapter tray Up to 64 splices when used as a splice closure only

Splitter Compatibility

N/A 1 x 16 1 x 8

Mechanical Rating

N/A IP68 NEMA 6P Standard: IEC 61300-2-25


N/A 14.96 in


N/A 9.65 in


N/A 5.12 in

Features and Benefits


Features: Benefits:
Available with SC-APC adapters Plug-and-play subscriber connections without fusion splice equipment
Standard SC-APC Connectors and adapters Non-proprietary connector system
Easy cleaning with standard kits
One terminal part number supports up to 16 drop connections Reduced inventory
OFS AllWave® FLEX+ Fiber standard in all drop, pigtail, and tether assemblies Low bending loss for improved system performance and/or increased safety margins
EZ-Bend® 3.0 mm indoor/outdoor drop cable assemblies May eliminate outdoor transition box by placing cable into residence and connecting directly to indoor ONT
1 x 16 or two 1 x 8 splitters available either factory installed or installable in terminal PON splitter and drop cable connection functionality from a single terminal
Reduced fusion splicing if factory installed
Mid-span splicing into distribution cable Avoids need for additional splice closure required by proprietary hardened connector systems
Hand activated clips to open and close terminal Safe, quick, and easy access
Splicing and fiber management area isolated from subscriber connection area Avoids risk of subscriber drop technicians disturbing splices or fibers

How To Order:

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1-888-fiberhelp (1-888-342-3743) from inside the USA
1-770-798-5555 from outside the USA
1 Brightwave Blvd. Carrollton, GA 30117, USA