The single-mode core of this fiber is doped with ytterbium meeting the demand for higher power and improved efficiency. It is then surrounded by a silica cladding and covered with a low-index protective coating. The resulting double clad fiber is used for single-mode fiber lasers and amplifiers operating in the 1040 to 1200 nm range.

The fiber enables fiber lasers and amplifiers with good beam profile characteristics, high clad absorption, precision-matched mode field designs, high wall plug efficiencies, compact footprints, superior reliability, optimal manufacturing control for reliable performance, and maintenance-free operation. It also accommodates high energies.

Unit of Measure

Optical Specifications

Core Diameter

N/A 16.5 µm

Cladding Numerical Aperture

N/A ≥ 0.45

Background Loss at 1150 nm

N/A ≤ 10 dB/km

Cladding Loss at 1100 nm

N/A ≤ 10 dB/km

Cladding Absorption at 915 nm

N/A 0.9 ± 0.1 dB/m

Mechanical and Testing Data

Proof Test Level

N/A 100 kpsi

Physical and Material Parameters

Coating Type

N/A TrueClad™ Low Index

Fiber Geometry

N/A Star Shape

Fiber Outside Diameter

N/A 253 ± 4 µm

Coating/Cladding Concentricity Error

N/A ≤ 10 µm

Primary Coating Diameter

N/A 325 ± 15 µm

Secondary Coating Diameter

N/A 400 ± 15 µm


Effective Area @ 1070 nm

N/A 170 +10/-15 µm2

Fundamental Mode Bend Loss @Ø12

N/A ≤ 0.1 dB/m

Typical Mode Field Diameter @ 1070 nm

N/A 15 µm

Higher Order Mode Bend Loss @Ø24 cm

N/A ≥ 40 dB/m