HCXtreme Fiber coating technology solves the problem of fiber failure due to excessive bending of optical fiber under power. In testing down to 2.5 mm radius bend, HCXtreme fibers continued to transmit power without breakage. Actual performance in any given application should be validated by customer testing.

For further details and testing methodology, request our white paper, entitled "Study of Optical Fiber Damage Under Tight Bend with High Optical Power at 2140 nm."

Unit of Measure

Optical Properties


N/A Multimode Step-Index

Numerical Aperture

N/A 0.22


N/A @ 850 nm, ≤ 10 dB/km

Water Content

N/A Low OH

Dimensions/Geometric Properties

Core Diameter

N/A 550 ± 12 µm

Cladding Diameter

N/A 600 ± 10 µm

Hard Coating Diameter

N/A 630 ± 10 µm

Buffer Diameter

N/A 750 ± 30 µm

Clad/Coating Offset

N/A ≤ 9 µm

Standard Buffer Color

N/A Blue

Crimp & Cleave Compatible

N/A No

Coating/Buffer Descriptions

Coating Material


Buffer Material


Operating Temperature

N/A -65 to +125 ºC

Mechanical and Testing Data

Short-Term Bend Radius

N/A ≥ 58 mm

Long-Term Bend Radius

N/A ≥ 94 mm

Proof Test Level

N/A ≥ 100 kpsi0.689 GPa

How To Order:

Product Description Code

N/A 550-22 HCXtreme

Order From Location

1.888.438.9936 toll-free in the United States and Canada
1.860.678.0371 from outside the U.S.A.
55 Darling Drive
Avon, CT 06001, USA

Order By Item #

N/A F18941

Typical Applications

N/A Cascaded Laser Power Delivery High-Power Laser Delivery Industrial Cabling Laser Surgery Laser Welding and Cutting Near-IR (up to 2100 nm) Laser Power Delivery


N/A Additional Coatings Cabling Carbon Coating Clad Diameter Connectorization Core Diameter Low Bioburden Packaging and Manufacturing Metalization Numerical Aperture Other Buffer Colors Proof Test