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Specific coupler for sensor applications where the directivity is the most important characteristic.

These couplers can be used at all wavelengths guided by the fiber with almost no change in coupling ratio. Wavefront division technology makes them only slightly sensitive to modal injection.
Unit of Measure


Wavelength Range1 N/A 532 to 1625 nm
Fiber Types2 N/A GI50/125 & GI62,5/125, LCH105/125

Port Configuration

N/A 1 x 2

Coupling Ratio

N/A 50/50 (Best ratio for this application with our technology)


N/A > 45 dB (Fiber GI50/125) > 55 dB (Fiber GI50/125)

Insertion Loss

N/A < 3,7 dB (In round trip configuration Port 1 to Port 2: ILoss < 6,5 dB. Can be lower than 6 dB if not used at fully filled stage)


N/A < 0.7 dB

Operating Temperature Range

N/A -20 to +70 ºC

Storage Temperature Range

N/A -40 to +85 ºC

Package Size

N/A 45 x 7 x 8 (Qty. - 08 Nos) 80 x 10 x 8 (Qty. - 43 Nos)

Package Material

N/A Black loose tube 900 µm Black jacket 2.8 mm


N/A Instrumentation

Product made to be used in round trip configuration. Fibers are protected with black loose tube 900 µm in order to avoid noise by external light.One port is dedicated for injection and it is identified by a blue marking.

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