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Termination optical fiber is a coreless silica fiber. It is useful for eliminating back reflections from unused branches of a multi-port device as well as performing return loss measurement.

A termination of better than 65 dB is achieved by splicing approximately 0.25 meters of this fiber to the desired component. A fusion splice also provides higher reliability and long-term stability over conventional termination methods.

There is excellent repeatability since there is no potential for subsurface damage, fiber breakage, or fiber contamination as with polished or angled cleaves. A quality termination using a patented method (U.S. Patent No. 5,263,103) is possible for all fiber designs including high delta fibers such as erbium-doped fiber.
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Glass Diameter

Coating Diameter

Coating Material

Operating Temperature Range

F15330 N/A 125 µm Coreless/Acrylate Termination Optical Fiber N/A 125 µm N/A 250 µm N/A Dual UV Acrylate N/A -40 to +85 ºC
F25617 N/A 125 µm Coreless/Silicone Acrylate Termination Optical Fiber N/A 125 µm N/A 250 µm N/A Dual Coat Silicone Acrylate N/A -40 to +125 ºC
F26521 N/A 125 µm Coreless/Polyimide Termination Optical Fiber N/A 125 µm N/A 155 µm N/A PYROCOAT® N/A -65 to +300 ºC
Unit of Measure