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Connectorized MiniCord® Riser Rated Breakout Cables N/A Equipment rooms Indoor N/A LC SC UNC (unconnectorized) N/A MiniCord® Break-Out Riser Rated Cable N/A 2 to 36
Preconnectorized Cables N/A Indoor Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor/Indoor N/A LC SC ST STII+ UNC (unconnectorized) N/A AccuDry® AccuFlex™ Accuribbon® Fortex™ Option 1 PlexnumXcel N/A 2 to 288
Pluggable Drop Cables for Cell Sites N/A Indoor/Outdoor N/A LC SC N/A EZ-Bend® 4.8 Indoor/Outdoor Cable N/A 4 to 12
EZ-Bend® 3.0 Factory Terminated Ruggedized Assemblies N/A Indoor/Outdoor MDU and in-home wiring applications N/A SCA UNC (unconnectorized) N/A 3.0 mm Indoor/Outdoor black 3.0 mm Indoor/Outdoor white N/A 1
EZ-Bend® Assemblies - Factory Terminated N/A Indoor/Outdoor MDU and in-home wiring applications N/A SCA UNC (unconnectorized) N/A 3.0 mm Low Halogen White Indoor 3.0 mm Riser White Indoor 4.8 mm Low Halogen Indoor/Outdoor 4.8 mm Plenum White Indoor 4.8 mm Riser Indoor/Outdoor 4.8 mm Riser White Indoor N/A 1
EZ-Bend® Multifiber Drop Bundle N/A Indoor/Outdoor N/A SCA N/A AccuDRY® Indoor/Outdoor Cables in 4.8 and 3.0 mm cordages, as riser, plenum, or low-smoke, zero-halogen N/A 5, 6 or 12
Drop Node Cables N/A Outdoor N/A LC SC ST UNC (unconnectorized) N/A Loose Tube Armored DryBlock® Loose Tube Dielectric DryBlock® OPTION1 N/A 2 to 12
EZ-Bend Tonable Drop Assemblies N/A Provides the optical connection between a fiber distribution terminal and a network interface device N/A SCA SCU UNC N/A Ruggedized 4.8 mm Indoor/Outdoor jacket N/A 1
Mini TB Flat-Drop Assemblies N/A Used in FTTX applications between a Network Interface Device (NID) and a closure or pedestal N/A SCA SCU UNC N/A Flat outer sheath compatible with existing low cost aerial hardware N/A 1
Preconnectorized Assemblies for C-RAN Applications N/A N/A N/A N/A
Unit of Measure