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The single-mode core of this fiber is co-doped with erbium and ytterbium. It is then surrounded by a silica cladding and covered with a low-index protective coating. The resulting double clad fiber is used for single-mode fiber lasers and amplifiers operating in the 1540 to 1565 nm range.

The fiber enables fiber lasers and amplifiers with good beam profile characteristics, high wall plug efficiencies, compact footprints, superior reliability, and maintenance-free operation. It also accommodates high energies during pulsed operation and at high repetition rates.
Ytterbium Doped Optical Fiber
Unit of Measure

Item #

Item Name

Erbium Peak Absorption

Core Numerical Aperture

Mode Field Diameter

108 728 635 N/A ErYb 130 µm Cladding Pumped Fibers N/A near 1535 nm, 40 dB/m N/A N/A @ 1550 nm, 7 µm
552 HPWR 065 N/A ErYb 125 (Glass Clad) N/A N/A >0.20 N/A @ 1550 nm, 7 µm
552 HPWR 510 N/A ErYb 130 (Double Clad) N/A N/A 0.17 N/A @ 1550 nm, 7 µm
Unit of Measure