OFS avionics cables are designed to offer optimal performance in the special conditions found in aircraft, where requirements commonly include:
  • High reliability
  • Long lifetime
  • High strength
  • Light weight
  • Wider temperature ranges than standard telecommunications grade fiber/cable

At OFS we manufacture optical fiber, standard and specialty. Our broad portfolio of specialty coating, buffering and cabling materials allows our engineers to design to key requirements such as high temperatures, resistance to fluids they might encounter (such as solvents and jet fuel), and specific standards for smoke and toxicity, to name a few. Aircraft requirements are extensive, and testing is required to validate the performance and qualify the cable. OFS has been serving this industry for many years with both custom and standard cables. In many cases, we have on file published results of independent testing, affirming our conformance to various criteria and testing standards. This helps make the decision to use OFS cables in your aircraft an easier one.

OFS Avionic product families:
  • FlightLinx™ Fiber Optic Cables – for commercial aircraft. FlightLinx optical fiber cables have been tested and meet or exceed the requirements of ARINC® Specification 802, Appendix C (MGT) for tight-buffered cables used in commercial aircraft.
  • Avioptics® Fiber Optic Cable - for high performance aircraft and military vehicles. Our top multimode step-index choice for high-performance aircraft and military vehicles, Avioptics brand simplex cable offers many advantages. Based on standard HCS fiber, it is configured to withstand exposure to corrosive and other chemicals, including jet fuel, oil, solvents, and hydrolytic liquids.
  • FlightGuide® Fiber Optic Cables - for military aircraft. The FlightGuide family of aerospace optical fiber cables provides high temperature and strength capabilities for a variety of single-mode and graded-index fibers.

Typical Avionic Applications for OFS cables:
  • In-flight Entertainment Systems
  • In-flight Networking Systems
  • Display Systems
  • Data Transmission
  • Communication Systems
  • High-temperature Environments
  • Corrosive Chemical Environments
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Item #

Item Name

C79598 N/A FlightLinx® PLUS Fiber Optic Cable
C22251 N/A FlightLinx® 62.5 µm Graded-Index Cable
C24712 N/A FlightLinx® 50 µm OM3 Optical Cable
C24895 N/A FlightLinx® Bend Optimized Single-mode
C10026 N/A FlightGuide® 1310/1550 nm Simplex 1.8 mm Single-mode Cable
C25964 N/A FlightGuide® 50/125 OM3 Multimode Cable
C25364 N/A FlightGuide® Bend Optimized Single-mode Cable
AC02201-10 N/A Simplex Avioptics® / Harsh Environment Step-Index 200 µm HCS® Cable
C10027 N/A FlightGuide® Simplex 1.8 mm Multimode Cable
C10028 N/A FlightGuide® Simplex 1.8 mm Multimode Cable
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