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A series of items containing features from both the Loose Tube and Ribbon products.
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Item #

Features and Benefits

Fiber Count

Cable Outer Diameter

Cable Weight

  • Outstanding carrying capacity for ultra-high-density applications
  • Rugged loose tube design features OFS Rollable Ribbon technology in individual polypropylene buffer tubes
  • Completely gel-free design facilitates faster cable preparation
  • Fiber counts of 1728 to 3456
  • Standard ribbon print marking with numbers and blocks for identification
  • Meets TelCordia GR-20 Issue 4 and ANSI/ICEA S-87-640 for outside plant (OSP) fiber optic cables
  • Ribbon design enables smaller cable outer diameter (OD) and reduced weight versus comparable flat ribbon designs
  • Rollable Ribbon structure facilitates efficient mass fusion splicing and easier access to individual fibers for mid-span splice access
N/A 1728 3456 N/A 0.99 in1.32 in25.1 mm33.5 mm N/A 285 kg/km524 kg/km423.5 lb/kft778 lb/kft
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