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400A Fiber Optic Interface Unit (Wall Mount)

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  • Item #400A Fiber Optic IU (Wall Mount)
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400A Fiber Optic IU (Wall Mount)

400A Fiber Optic Interface Unit (Wall Mount)

General premises distribution Systems, Local Area Networks, Low fiber count entry facilities, Small-count splice applications
Features and Benefits
The design of OFS' 400A interface unit provides several benefits to your fiber optic network
  • Space saving - The unit is small - only 17 inches (43.18 cm) wide, 10 inches (25.4 cm) high, and 6 inches (15.24 cm) deep. It is wall-mountable (with plywood backboard) or frame-mountable, using our Model 742A mounting panel for use in a hut, CEV, or remote site location. You can also use one cabinet for either cross-connection or interconnection.
  • Flexibility for growth - Individual units (modules) can be added as needed. They can be stacked in a column of 5 units, with the top of the uppermost module 68 inches (172.72 cm) from the floor. This arrangement accommodates a total of 240 fibers per column yet maintains a 1.5-inch (3.81 cm) fiber bend radius. The units also have knockout cable-entry ports and a standard 1-inch (2.54 cm) conduit knockout for increased flexibility.
  • Reduced cost - The modular design minimizes the initial cost and makes the cross-connect and configuration easily expandable. You can also use your present connectors for termination, and just one unit gives you both routing and expressing capability.
  • Easy access - These units allow top and bottom cable entry. Slide-out connector panels permit easy access to adapters. Also, in a cross-connect configuration, the unit provides the centralized location for rearranging fibers, since all fibers from the riser or distribution cables originate from the cross-connect. When you rearrange the jumpers at the cross-connect, you can easily reconfigure the network topology - to meet the needs of the customer, to optimize available electronics, or to avoid interruptions.
  • Minimum maintenance - These units accept all fiber terminations, plus splicing and termination are done in one unit. Once fibers are terminated, all permanent cables (feeder, riser, distribution, electronic ties) are fixed and not routinely disturbed. Rearrangements of services or changes in network topology are accomplished using fiber optic jumpers. Decals are provided for maintenance, record keeping, and administrative work.
  • Increased security - You can purchase the 400A interface unit with locks, or you can purchase locks separately and install them on site.

Width17 (in)
Depth6 (in)
Height10 (in)
Fiber CapacityMass Fusion Splices - 216 fibers, Mechanical Splices - 36 fibers, Single Fusion Splices - 48 fibers

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