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AccuFlex® Rollable Ribbon Cable

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AccuFlex® Rollable Ribbon Cable

AccuFlex® Rollable Ribbon Cable

Features and Benefits
  • Ultra-compact, round rollable ribbondesign
  • Fiber counts of 144 and 288
  • Flexible, plenum-rated cable
  • ROHS-compliant and free of heavymetals
  • Available with OFS AllWave® FLEX+Zero Water Peak (ZWP) (G.657.A2) or AllWave®+ Fibers (G.652.D +G.657.A1)
  • Delivers the highest fiber densityrelative to cable size
  • Offers durability and enhancedcompression resistance
  • Flexibilty of cable promotes easeof handling and installation to helpspeed deployment
  • Ribbon fibers can be easilyseparated into single fibers or massfusion spliced

Operating Temperature Range-20 to +70 (ºC)
Cable Weight112, 97 (kg/km)
Cable Weight65, 75 (lb/kft)
Minimum Bend Radius Installation192, 242, 96.8, No Load - 8X OD: 77, With Load - 20X OD: (mm)
Storage Temperature Range-40 to +70 (ºC)
Performance StandardThe AccuFlex Rollable Ribbon Cable meets all or portions of TelcordiaGR-409/ICEA-S-83-696/ICEA-S-104-696/ICEA-S-115-730 and TIA568.Plenum-rated cables are UL® listed as compliant with NEC® Article770 as Type OFNP and with NFPA 262 and UL 910 for plenum use.
Fiber Count144288
Cable Outer Diameter0.38, 0.48 (in)
Cable Outer Diameter12.1, 9.6 (mm)
Installation Temperature0 to +70 (ºC)
Installation Temperature-32 to +158 (ºF)
Max (Typ) Attenuation at 1310 nm0.4 (dB/km)
Max (Typ) Attenuation at 1550 nm0.3 (dB/km)
Maximum Tensile Rating300 (1335) (N)
Flame PerformanceJacket Marking: OFNP FT6 c(UL)OFNP., NEC Compliant UL Listed as compliantwith NFPA 262 and UL 910for Plenum use.

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