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AccuRibbon® DC Cable

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AccuRibbon® DC Cable

AccuRibbon® DC Cable

At first glance, you might not recognize an AccuRibbon® DC Cable. That’s because it uses the same robust sheath as the gel-filled AccuRibbon LXE Cable. However, once you open the patented core of an AccuRibbon DC Cable, the difference between a gel-filled and a completely dry cable is clear. The core of the all-dry AccuRibbon DC Cable contains absolutely no gels or messy filling compounds, which eliminates the costly labor of removing gel and oil from each fiber ribbon prior to splicing and helps your tools and your workspace stay clean and safe.

The construction of the AccuRibbon DC Cable begins with its dry central core tube, which  contains  a  gel-free,   water-blocking  tape  and  either  up  to  eighteen  12-fiber AccuRibbon units (12 to 216 fibers) or up to eighteen 24-fiber AccuRibbon units (240 to 432 fibers). Surrounding the central tube is an additional layer of water-blocking tape and an optional layer of armor. Completing the construction of the AccuRibbon DC Cable is a durable polyethylene (PE) jacket with integrated metallic or dielectric strength members. Ripcords are strategically located beneath the jacket for easy cable entry.

Why The AccuRibbon DC Cable?

With its innovative dry-core design, the AccuRibbon DC Cable is specifically engineered for faster, cleaner installation. Unlike traditional outside plant fiber optic cables that use gels in direct contact with optical fibers, the AccuRibbon DC Cable replaces the gel inside the central tube with a super-absorbent tape that provides water blocking “on demand”. The absence of gels allows almost effortless splice preparation and a lower overall cable weight. Why not lose the gel today?

In addition to being gel free, AccuRibbon units support the use of mass-fusion splicing to speed fiber termination. The inherent high fiber density of AccuRibbon units also helps to maximize the number of fibers that can be deployed in available duct space. Deploying the most fibers possible in a limited space and terminating them quickly and cheaply are critical to cost-effective deployments – AccuRibbon DC Cables can help you do both.

Aerial, Direct Buried, Drop, Mass-Fusion Splicing
Features and Benefits
  • Totally gel-free fiber optic cable design for cleaner, faster installations
  • A significantly lighter weight cable for faster and easier deployment
  • AccuRibbon core maximizes optical fibers per duct and supports mass-fusion splicing
  • Metallic and dielectric sheath options support lashed aerial, direct buried, and duct installations
  • Deploy up to 432 optical fibers in a one-inch ID duct
  • RDUP (formerly RUS) listed; compliant with ANSI/ICEA, Telcordia Technologies, and IEC specifications for reliable performance
  • Available with OFS AllWave® Zero Water Peak (ZWP) Single-Mode Optical Fiber, as well as TrueWave® RS Low Water Peak (LWP) Single- Mode Optical Fibers

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