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AllWave® FLEX MPO Fanouts

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AllWave® FLEX MPO Fanouts

AllWave® FLEX MPO Fanouts

A high-performance, high density solution for FTTx deployments

The AllWave® FLEX Fanouts enable superior optical performance and high density connectivity in any FTTx network deployment. Configured with OFS’ low loss MPO connector, the AllWave Fanouts provide excellent loss performance and bend radius insensitivity.

AllWave FLEX Fanouts feature AllWave Zero Water Peak (ZWP) Fiber which offers as much as five times lower bending loss than Convention Single-Mode Fiber (CSMF) jumpers on the market today. 

In  FTTx deployments, bends occur in a variety of locations where they can greatly  impact  the  network  performance. Consequently bend insensitivity becomes
a key performance parameter, especially in areas where handling and routing of fiber paths are necessary. As data rates and distances increase and power budgets tighten, it is imperative that all optical components minimize signal loss to support present and future applications.   AllWave FLEX Fanouts are ideal for integration into smaller field cabinet designs and other space limited routing architectures.  They are available in both 8 and 12 fiber MPO connectors on bare ribbon, tight-buffered ribbon and cordage, and include standard connectors on the opposite end.

AllWave FLEX Fanouts  are  key  components  of  the  Access  ADVANTAGE™System, a leading OFS end-to-end FTTx solution that provides superior optical performance with easy-to-use and compact cables and connectivity products.
Access Networks, CATV Networks, FTTx, Hybrid Fiber Coazial (HFC), MPO Spliiter Modules
Features and Benefits
  • Up to 5 times lower bending loss than CSMF fanouts or patchcords
  • Great performance and ease-of-management in cabinets or other patch panel systems
  • OFS' AllWave® FLEX Fiber complies with ITU G.652D specifications

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