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AllWave® FLEX ZWP Fiber

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AllWave® FLEX ZWP Fiber

AllWave® FLEX ZWP Fiber

AllWave FLEX Zero Water Peak (ZWP) Single-Mode Fiber is the first ZWP G.652.D fiber to offer optimized bend performance for any application where small bend diameters may occur. Fully compliant with ITU-T G.657.A, AllWave FLEX ZWP Fiber is completely compatible with all conventional single-mode fibers.

Product Description

While AllWave FLEX ZWP Fiber retains all the benefits of AllWave ZWP Fiber, it also maintains very low bending loss across the full 1260 nm – 1625 nm wavelength spectrum while also ensuring long-term fiber strength and reliability. In fact, this fiber offers five times better bend performance than conventional single-mode and Leading Low Water Peak (LWP) fibers.

The macrobending and microbending loss improvements of AllWave FLEX ZWP Fiber help (1) facilitate more compact cabinet and enclosure designs with more intricate routing; (2) protect against loss from inadvertent fiber bends; and (3) reduce potential damage from cable pulling and flexing. This bend-optimized fiber also helps to improve cable performance in  demanding  high-stress  and  low  temperature  environments  with  twice  the  microbend  protection of conventional single-mode fibers.
Analog Video, Any application with transmission speeds of 40 Gb/s and beyond, At the customer premises, Closures, Drop Cables, Field management/storage apparatus located throughout the network, FTTx, High-Power Applications, Microcables, The Central Office
Features and Benefits
  • Improved bend performance saves space, time and money even for L-Band wavelengths up to 1625 nm
  • ZWP Fiber for 50% increase in usable optical spectrum enables 16-channel CWDM and DWDM support
  • Coiled into a 10 mm radius loop, fiber incurs loss of < 0.5 dB at 1625 nm and < 0.2 dB at 1550 nm
  • Easier to install, handle and store in space-constrained applications
  • Tight geometry for very low splice loss and improved connector performance

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