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AllWave® Zero Water Peak (ZWP) Fiber

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AllWave® Zero Water Peak (ZWP) Fiber

AllWave® Zero Water Peak (ZWP) Fiber

Award-winning AllWave Zero Water Peak (ZWP) Single-Mode Fiber provides low optical loss across the entire wavelength spectrum from 1260 nm to 1625 nm.  A patented manufacturing process permanently removes the water peak defect for a fiber that offers the lowest loss of all commercial low water peak (LWP) fibers in the industry.

Product Description

Compliant to the latest ITU-T G.652 A - D requirements, AllWave ZWP Fiber offers dramatically improved performance in almost every characteristic over conventional single-mode fiber, including increased available spectrum, low optical loss, superior macrobend performance and ultra-low polarization mode dispersion (PMD). By using the industry’s tightest geometric controls and tight mode field control during manufacture, AllWave ZWP Fiber enables consistently low loss splices and improved connectorization performance. Combined with complete backward compatibility with the embedded G.652 single-mode fiber base, these features provide ultimate network design flexibility and enable cost-effective solutions to help maximize return on investment.
Campus Backbones, FTTx, Local Access, Long Haul, Metro Access, Metro Edge
Features and Benefits
  • 50% increase in usable optical spectrum enables 16-channel CWDM and DWDM support
  • Minimizes attenuation across the full wavelength spectrum and provides low, stable loss in the 1400 nm band
  • Ultra-low PMD allows speed and distance upgrades
  • Macrobend performance superior to the G.652.D standard
  • Long-term attenuation reliability by using high-purity synthetic silica

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