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Blue Tiger® High-Performance Jumpers

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Blue Tiger® High-Performance Jumpers

Blue Tiger® High-Performance Jumpers

Today’s demanding networks require connectivity solutions which provide superior optical performance as well as robust designs. The Blue Tiger Jumper offers the flexibility  and  convenience  of  connector-based  connectivity with the low loss performance typically only found in fusion-spliced solutions.  With a 0.15 dB maximum insertion loss for LC and SC connections, Blue Tiger Jumpers provides superior optical performance for today’s high speed networks.

DWDM, SONET, SDH and Cable TV optical transport systems are evolving to take full advantage of the extended optical spectrum in the 1530-1565 nm and the 1565-1625 nm region, i.e., the C-band and the L-band. Susceptibility to bend-induced losses in these two bands, versus the 1310 nm region, creates a challenge in areas where the handling and routing of fi ber paths is necessary - such as at fiber distribution locations. High bend losses can increase bit error rates, forcing optical transport systems to  retransmit  entire  data  streams.  Made  with  specially selected (Enhanced) AllWave® FLEX ZWP Fiber, Blue Tiger jumpers can withstand bending  radiuses as tight as 10 mm and are rated to withstand bends as tight as 15 mm over a 25 year period. Blue Tiger Jumpers also minimize heat generated by the combination of high power transmission and fi ber bends, preventing premature fiber coating failure and burning of cordage materials. OFS offers a specially designed jumper - the Blue Tiger - for superior performance in the C- and L-bands of the optical spectrum.
High-performance optical networks operating in the C- and L-Band Spectrums, High-speed optical paths in central offices, point-of-presence locations (POPs) or equipment buildings, Optical networks with multiple "pass through" nodes, Service providers' high-performance DWDM traffic systems or digital video systems, Service providers' networks carrying high traffic on a single fiber (> OC-48)
Features and Benefits
  • Ultra low-loss solution for longer reaches and improved network performance resulting in reduced operational and re-transmit costs
  • Superior performance in the C- and L- Bands as a direct result of lower bend losses in the fiber in the 1530 nm to 1625 nm regions
  • Visual color identification for high speed paths with its distinctive blue jumper outer jacket
  • Fully compatible with Non-Zero Dispersion Fiber (NZDF) and all single-mode fiber systems
  • Meets or exceeds all industry standards for single-mode fiber performance
  • Available with standard polish and angled polish connectors
  • Combines full-spectrum low-loss performance with very low bending loss

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