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HDS High Directivity Plus Power Couplers

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HDS High Directivity Plus Power Couplers

HDS High Directivity Plus Power Couplers


Product made to be used in round trip configuration. Fibers are protected with black loose tube 900 µm in order to avoid noise by external light.One port is dedicated for injection and it is identified by a blue marking.

Operating Temperature Range-20 to +70 (ºC)
Wavelength Range400 to 1625 (nm)
Insertion Loss< 3.7 dB (In round trip configuration Port 1 to Port 2: ILoss < 6, 5 dB. Can be lower than 6 dB if not used at fully filled stage)
Storage Temperature Range-40 to +85 (ºC)
Fiber TypesGI50/125
Port Configuration1 x 2
Coupling Ratio50/50 (Best ratio for this application with our technology)
Directivity> 50 dB (Fiber GI50/125)
Uniformity< 0.7 (dB)
Package Size45 x 7 x 8 (Qty. - 08 Nos), 80 x 10 x 8 (Qty. - 43 Nos)
Package MaterialBlack loose tube 900 µm, Black jacket 2.8 mm
Power handling @420nm2 (W)

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