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HomeRun MDU Cabling System

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HomeRun MDU Cabling System

HomeRun MDU Cabling System

Traditional solutions require difficult field bundling and pulling of large diameter multiple drop cables assemblies up a riser and down a hallway, or installing two segments of smaller connectorized cable in the riser and hallway. Other more recent solutions use drop cabling bundled together with strands that can catch on objects making installation difficult. The OFS HomeRun MDU Cabling Solution uses drop cabling bundled in the factory with a low friction sheath enabling 12 compact drop cords to be easily pulled up a riser and down a hallway in a single step.

The HomeRun Solution features OFS’ ultra-bend-insensitive EZ-Bend®Fiber, which offers less than 0.1 dB of added loss at 1550 nm for 1 turn at a 5 mm bend radius, and is fully compatible with the installed base of fibers. The use of EZ-Bend Fiber assemblies allows for sharp bends and conformal routing to reduce visual impact and fit in the confined spaces typical in many MDUs and residences.
In-Home, MDU
Features and Benefits
  • EZ-Bend Fiber exhibits less than 0.1 dB macrobending attenuation at 1550 nm for 1 turn at 5 mm fiber bend radius
  • EZ-Bend Fiber or AllWave® ZWP FLEX+ Fiber is fully splice-compatible with the existing installed base of fibers
  • 100% Factory Tested
  • Color-coded subunits provide easy fiber identification
  • Small 1.6 mm cordage speeds stripping and termination process
  • Eliminates need for and loss of riser to hallway fiber connections
  • High Reliability
  • Installation in space-constrained hallways
  • RoHS compliant; free from heavy metals and environmentally-friendly
  • UL® Listed Riser per UL® 1666 Riser Flame Test and CSA certified per OFN FT4

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