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V-Linx™ Terminal Indoor and Outdoor

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V-Linx™ Terminal Indoor and Outdoor

V-Linx™ Terminal Indoor and Outdoor

The V-Linx™ Terminal is a comprehensive, multifunctional 12-port terminal system that combines fiber storage and a hands-free pay-off feature in a single factory-terminated device. The standard input cable for the V-Linx Terminal is a 50 foot (15.24 meter) twelve fiber preterminated drop cable installed at the factory. The drop cables are terminated with multifiber push-on (MPO) connectors providing the interface with the V-Linx Combiner for a collective floor distribution design within a building.

The distribution side of the V-Linx Terminal provides transition to twelve single-fiber SCA adapters allowing individual drops to 12 living units. The V-Linx Terminal features OFS' bend-optimized AllWave® FLEX ZWP Fiber enabling superior optical performance within the terminal and the integrated cable tether.

The cable spool is integrated on the assembly itself for quick setup and installation in the field. The V-Lix Installation Tool provides all the necessary assistance to allow a single person to install the entire cable between floors.
Storage, Terminal System
Features and Benefits
  • Hands-free fiber pay-off operation
  • Integrated spool axle for fiber storage
  • Spool-and-Play functionality from the factory
  • feet (15.24 meters) of integrated cable (a larger V-Linx Terminal is available for 300 feet (91 meters) applications)
  • Parking adapters for units not in service
  • Wall mountable onto multiple surfaces
  • Highly compact design
  • AllWave® FLEX ZWP Single-Mode Fiber enabled design
  • Under area splice cable

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