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Attenuators are key in controlling the power level of an optical path in fiber optic telecommunication systems. OFS' SC and LC Build-on Fiber Optic Attenuators are used to reduce excess optical power from the transmitter that can result in over-saturation of the receiver. These attenuators can be placed either on the LGX® shelf or directly on the active equipment, depending on the customer's preference and the design of the equipment. Build-on attenuators, available in SC and LC styles, are a combination of a connector on one end, and an adapter on the other. This flexibility allows the attenuator to be plugged into a standard SC or LC adapter. The assembly contains a ferrule that is available in standard polish connectors (PC) and angle PC (APC).

Value Statement

OFS' Build-On Fiber Optic Attenuators improve the performance and life of your network. OFS Components have been fully tested and certified to meet the high reliability standards that your system requires. You can rely on the proven expertise of OFS Labs and our ISO certified manufacturing facilities. With over 100 years of experience, OFS can provide you with superior performing products.
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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

N/A Benefits:
  • Excellent optical performance
  • Low reflection to meet stringent system requirements
  • Backward compatible with existing transmission equipment
  • Operates in the broad range of communication wavelengths from 1280 nm to 1620 nm inclusive of the 1400 nm band
  • Designed to provide flat spectral attenuation required to function in all the wavelengths
  • Meets high density requirements for cost and space savings
  • Design flexibility with various connector style choices and attenuation levels.
  • Provides low optical back reflection used in digital and analog systems
  • Meets high density requirements using OFS LC-style small form connector
  • Compatible with current conventional Single-mode fiber (SMF).



  • Metropolitan and regional networks
  • Long haul networks
  • All applications currently supported by conventional Single-mode optical fiber
  • MultiService network protocols
  • DWDM networks.

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