With up to 36 pump ports, the TrueMode-kW Fiber Laser Cavity can be used with diodes delivering greater than 50W of pump power. The stand alone version is designed for kW applications, and comes with 20/400 output fiber suitable for splicing to common 20/400 delivery fibers.
Unit of Measure



N/A 1kW stand alone

Output Power

N/A 1000 W

Maximum Output Power

N/A 1100 W

Center Wavelength

N/A 1070 ± 5 nm

Optical Efficiency (With 915 nm Pump)

N/A >68 %

Pump Diode Requirements

Maximum Number of Input Ports

N/A 36

Diode Fiber Pigtail

N/A 105-110/125

Numerical Aperture

N/A 0.22

Stand-Alone Delivery

Output Fiber

N/A 20/400

Beam Quality (M2)

N/A <1.1


Output Power Monitor

N/A Photodiode output

Visible Pilot

N/A 14/125 Fiber

Transport and Storage (Temp/RH)

N/A -20 to 60 ºC (Non-condensing under operation and storage)

Approximate Dimensions

N/A 300 x 300 x 17 mm

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N/A 7001000-02

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