High-Density 1310, 1490, 1550 FTTX Solution

Product Description

Today's FTTX systems demand innovative solutions. The WDM Optical Access Module (OAM) is designed for video, voice, and data services in FTTX architectures. All three services can be combined over a single fiber layer with this module. Maximize your shelf configuration with use of 2 circuits per module while using traditional 7" LGX® Fiber Optic Shelves.


  • Video, voice, and data services in FTTx Architectures

Features and Benefits

  • Facilitates two circuits
  • SC, SCA Adapters
  • Compatible with 7" LGX® Frames
  • < 1.2 dB loss
  • High isolation between channels
  • Supports 1310, 1490, 1550 nm
  • FTTX ready: GPON, BPON, EPON
  • Supports Video, Data, Voice
  • Uses a single module through network
  • Easy installation
  • Maximizes AllWave® and AllWave FLEX ZWP Fiber