The  OFS  MiniCord  Riser-Rated  Breakout  Cable  answers  the  need  for a robust and reliable cabling solution that can handle most indoor applications  or  equipment  rooms.  MiniCord  Breakout  cables  with  12  fibers  or  less  consist  of  two  to  twelve  1.6  mm  MiniCord  subunits encased in a PVC outer jacket. For cables with 18 to 36 fibers, each 1.6  mm  MiniCord  subunit  is  placed  into  a  separate  unit  tubes  with either 6 or 12 1.6 mm MiniCords in each unit tube.  The MiniCord sub-units are color coded for easy recognition.


N/A Equipment rooms FTTx Indoor

Features and Benefits

  • Factory Installed & Tested Conditions
  • RoHS compliant and UL Listed
  • Small 1.6 mm cordage speeds stripping and termination process
  • High reliability
  • Wide range of fibers types and connector options
  • Compact Package

Fiber Count

N/A 2 to 36

Connector Ends

N/A LC SC UNC (unconnectorized)