Supports High-Density Fiber Applications

Product Description

Today, more than ever, your network must be able to support a growing number of fiber applications. Are your fiber optic circuits congested? Do you need to add to your central office (CO) frame installations? Are you considering loop transmission or customer premises installations? If so, OFS has the solution - the LGX® frame. The LGX® fiber optic distributing frame and fiber optic shelves provide termination and service access points for high-density fiber optic circuits. Our enhanced design provides a flexible interface between fiber optic transmission facilities and fiber optic equipment, by allowing a user to cross connect fiber cables to equipment by means of short jumpers, or interconnect to the equipment with longer length jumpers. The LGX® frame is unique - and highly efficient - because all jumpers are administered on a front-facing field.
Unit of Measure

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits



  • 19- and 26-inch ANSI or 300 mm ETSI widths
  • 12-, 15-, 18-, and 24-inch depths
  • Network or Seismic (Zone 0-4) rated
  • Telcordia (GR 449) tested and approved
  • 64 sq inches vertical trough area/bay
  • 80 sq inches horizontal raceway area/bay
  • Accommodates up to 36, 1/2-inch diameter OSP cables
  • Mounting kits for network, seismic, concrete, and raised floors.


  • Designed for flexibility
  • Optimizes space
  • Simplifies installation and service
  • Secures connectors and cables
  • Improves organization and storage

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