Designed specifically for indoor use, these simplex and zipcord designs with 2.2 mm outer jackets are constructed with low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) cable materials from HCS® fibers.  They are appropriate for indoor riser installations in enclosed or sealed locations.  These cables are crimp and cleave compatible with V-Pin connectors.LSZH materials also offer a higher operating temperature range than comparable HCS cables.
Unit of Measure

Optical Properties


N/A Multimode Step-Index


N/A @ 850 nm, ≤ 8 dB/km

Cable Design


N/A Simplex

Specialty Testing [IEC 754-2 acid gas (Halogen) content]

N/A Passes

Specialty Testing [IEC 332-3 flammability rating]

N/A Passes

Specialty Testing [Cyclic flexing]

N/A > 50,000 cycles

Fiber Core Diameter

N/A 200 ± 4 µm

Sub-Unit Diameter

N/A not applicable mm

Outer Cable Diameter

N/A 2.2 ± 0.1 mm

Cable Weight

N/A < 6.0 kg/km

Outer Jacket Material


Outer Jacket Color

N/A Orange

Installation and Usage Specifications

Installation Load Maximum

N/A 25 lb111 N

Operating Load Maximum

N/A 5 lb22 N

Minimum Bend Installation

N/A 33 mm

Minimum Bend Operating

N/A 22 mm

Operating Temperature

N/A -20 to +105 ºC

Storage Temperature

N/A -40 to 80 ºC

Intended Location

N/A Indoor

How To Order:

Product Description Code

N/A HCP-M0200T-V01ZS

Order From Location

1.888.438.9936 toll-free in the United States and Canada
1.860.678.0371 from outside the U.S.A.
55 Darling Drive
Avon, CT 06001, USA

Order By Item #

N/A C21058


N/A The operating temperature ranges are general guidelines. Consult with our Technical Sales department to determine the optimal coating and jacketing material for your specific application. 1.860.678.6636. OFS reserves the right to make changes to the prices and product(s) described in this document at any time without notice. This document is for informational purposes only and is not intended to modify or supplement any OFS warranties or specifications relating to any of its products or services.

Typical Applications

N/A Nuclear Power Plants Offshore Marine Platforms Shipboard Systems

Crimp & Cleave Compatibility

N/A V-Pin Connectors


N/A Also Available in Breakout Construction with up to 18 Sub-Units Jacket Color Outer Jacket Material Print Legend Terminated Assemblies