Double Jacket, All-Dielectric, Self-Supporting (ADSS) Aerial Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable

PowerGuide® is your prime cabling solution for high-performance aerial applications, including power transmission and distribution networks, with excellent long-span capability up to 3,281 feet (1,000 meters or more). Each PowerGuide® cable is custom designed to ensure exceptional long- term reliability and performance.

PowerGuide® Tracking Resistant (TR) Cable

Because ADSS cables are often installed near energized power conductors, we offer two PowerGuide® outer jacket materials. For electric field space potentials up to 12 kV, PowerGuide® cable features a polyethylene sheath. For space potentials up to 25 kV, PowerGuide® Tracking Resistant cable features a specially formulated jacket that resists tracking (dry band arcing). Contact us for a complete system analysis to determine which PowerGuide® cable design to employ.

  • Fiber counts to 288
  • Custom engineered per application
  • Single cable diameter for 2 to 60 fibers simplifies hardware selection and splicing
  • Proven all-dielectric loose tube construction
  • Special tracking resistant sheath available for high field space potentials (see PowerGuide Tracking Resistant cable)
  • Broad range of fiber types
  • Outstanding optical performance, durability, and field reliability
  • Excellent long-span capability
  • Fast, one-step installation for valuable time and cost savings
  • Easily strippable sheath for quick, convenient cable preparation
  • RDUP listed
  • Aerial use (self-supporting)
  • Long spans (including electric transmission towers and river crossings)
  • Power transmission and distribution networks
  • Direct use in ducts
  • Aerial-to-duct transitions
  • Electric field space potentials up to 12 kV
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