OFS Highly-Non-Linear Fiber combines a high non-linear coefficient with numerical small group velocity dispersion. The fiber design includes a high delta core, surrounded by a deeply depressed ring and doped with Fluorine. The HNLF is available in four versions: a version with a slope of 0.019 ps/(nm²•km), a zero dispersion slope version, a PM version, and a version with aluminum-doped core for increased SBS threshold. All are available with wide range dispersion values.
Unit of Measure


Item Description

N/A HNLF Zero-Slope Highly Non-Linear Fiber Modules

Optical Properties


N/A Non-Standard

Fiber Length

N/A 50 to 2000 m

Fiber Length Tolerance

N/A ± 3

Cutoff Wavelength

N/A < 1300 nm

Effective Area

N/A typical, 12.4 µm2


N/A -1.0 to +1.5 ps/(nm·km)

Dispersion Slope

N/A 0.006 ± 0.004 ps/(nm²·km)


N/A ≤ 0.20 ps/√km


N/A ≤ 0.90 dB/km

Typical Attenuation

N/A 0.8

Splice Loss to SSMF Pigtail

N/A ≤ 0.20 dB

Splice Loss to SSMF Pigtail (Typical)

N/A 0.10 dB

PM or non-PM

N/A non-PM

Non-Linear Coefficient (Typical)

N/A 10.8 W-1•km-1

Typical Applications

N/A Non-linear Loop Mirror Optical Regeneration Optical Sampling Parametric Amplification Photosensitive Fiber for Writing of UV-gratings Pulse Compression Supercontinuum Generation Wavelength Conversion

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HNLF Zero Slope Module