The Stretcher module is a fully fiber-based module for stretching femtosecond pulses in chirped pulse amplification. It features dispersion properties that match free-space optical diffraction gratings as used in chirped pulse amplification. The Stretcher module is available for the 1µm and 1.55µm wavelength range. The Stretcher module enables second, third, and fourth order dispersion match to diffraction-grating-based pulse compressors. The stretcher fiber is a normal dispersion fiber with negative third order dispersion. It can be combined with standard single-mode fiber to meet a wide spectrum of dispersion and dispersion slope requirements. The Stretcher module is a fully spliced fiber solution and is delivered with standard single-mode fiber pigtails for easy system integration.
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N/A Dispersion management in the 1 µm and 1.55 µm wavelength range Dispersion optimized pulse stretcher for femtosecond chirped pulse amplification

Features and Benefits

N/A Fully spliced fiber module Normal dispersion stretcher fiber with negative third order dispersion Single-mode fiber pigtails

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