OFS Polarization-Maintaining Dispersion Compensating Optical Fiber (PM-DCF) provides compensation of not only dispersion, but also dispersion slope, of standard PM fiber (e.g. TruePhase® 1550). OFS PM-DCF is a stress rod supported DCF leveraging the advances over many years in the design of standard telecommunication DCFs. By combining standard PM fiber with PM-DCF a dispersion managed PM link can be build, providing a transmission media for sub picosecond pulses without any pulse broadening. A PM dispersion managed link eliminates the impairment from both chromatic dispersion and polarization mode dispersion (PMD).
Unit of Measure

Physical Properties

Fiber Cladding Diameter

N/A 125 ± 1.5 µm

Coating Diameter

N/A 250 ± 10 µm

Proof Test Level

N/A 0.5 %

Optical Properties


N/A Slow axis @ 1550 nm, -100 ± 10 ps/(nm·km)

Effective Area

N/A @ 1550 nm, 20 typical µm2


N/A @ 1550 nm, <0.45 dB/km@ 1550 nm, 0.40 typical dB/km

Beat Length

N/A @ 1550 nm, 5 typical mm

Relative Dispersion Slope

N/A Slow axis @ 1550 nm, 0.0034 ± 0.0004 nm-1



N/A The PM-DCF is best spliced to standard PM-fiber using a short length of OFS PM-Raman fiber as a bridge fiber. Using this technique typical total splice loss of 0.8 dB can be achieved.


N/A M. Peng et al., Sub-Femtosecond Timing Distribution via a 1.2 km Polarization-Maintaining Fiber Link, Optics Express, Vol. 21, No. 17, pp. 19982-19989; 2013.

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