Compact, Durable and Flexible Fiber Optic Cable for the Last Link in Your Optical FTTx Network

Product Description

The Mini TB Flat Drop Cbale offers a compact and lightweight yet rugged cable that offers the durability  needed for outside plant use along with the flexibility required for tight bends inside residences. This cable construction begins with a single-fiber OFNR 3.0 mm Ruggedized EZ-Bend cordage that forms the fiber core. Two fiberglass rods are added, diametrically opposite, on either side of the fiber core. The rods and fiber core are then encapsulated in a durable polyethylene (PE) jacket for added protection, creating a flat cable corss-section.


  • Easily removed, UV-resistant outer jacket
  • Integrated ruggedized EZ-Bend®  3.0 mm drop cord with InvisiLight® tight-buffered fiber
  • Suitable for duct FTTx, direct buried and self-supporting aerial drop installations (including aerial NESC-designated heavy ice loading applications)
  • All-dielectric and metallic (toning wire) designs
  • Easy-to-access design for streamlined installation and handling


  • Integrated OFNR cordage removes the need for demarcation and is suitable for routing within living unit
  • Easily used with field-installable connectors
  • Compatible with cost-effective, industry-standard drop and strain relief hardware
  • Low-visibility subunit can be routed along baseboards, crown molding and between walls and ceiling (using the InvisiLight installation system)
Unit of Measure



N/A Direct Buried Drop FTTx


N/A Tight Buffer

Aerial or Underground

N/A Aerial Underground

Dielectric or Metallic

N/A Dielectric Metallic

Waterblocking Component

N/A DryBlock®

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